Senior Pictures – how do you choose your photographer

Senior pictures, and school pictures in general, are contracted to just one photographic company.  In our area, (Tulsa, Oklahoma), most schools contract with a specific photographic company to do all the pictures for the yearbook.  These companies are very good at what they do.  They are fast, efficient and provide quality images.  They do what is called high-volume photography. However, they are far from customized, personalized or tailored to fit your needs.  Due to the nature of their sessions, there is little room to capture and show your individual personality.

Because the schools require you use their photographer for your yearbook picture, it is often felt that you do not have a choice in photographers for your senior pictures.  When in fact, you are not required to purchase any of these images. These companies are compensated via the contract to provide images for the year book.

You have a choice!!!  You get to choose who you purchase your senior pictures from!  You can choose whatever company you wish.

So, look around, use google, check us all out and decide on the photographer you like best.  There are so many things to consider.  Next week, we’ll give you some tips to help choose the best photographer for YOU!

Would you choose a custom session or the contract school photographer for you Senior pictures?




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